How we work

After initiating contact

  • Consultation to identify our client’s need

It is very important to start the procedure with a consultation in which case the client’s needs will be taken in to consideration by Nedgate in order to view the possibilities for the next steps.

  • Nedgate will present the client with a Application form.

In order to offer the best solutions Nedgate will need more detailed information of the client, through a application form.

  • Enquiry procedure by the case manager.

After we received the client’s application form, we will start our Enquiry process to identify our client’s requirements and potential in order to find and appoint a case manager accordingly.

  • Offering a proposal.

The Case manager will than format an official proposal including: the terms and conditions, costs, case strategy and other details are mentioned.

  • Signing the contracts

After Client’s approval of the proposal, official contracts will be signed in order to start the procedure.