Letter of CEO

After 36 years of living in the Netherlands, successfully establishing and running several companies in this country, I would like to share my experience with business owners who want to expand their business in the Netherlands. The purpose is to help them to avoid the pitfalls and to increase their chance of success; therefore I decided to establish NedGate Business Center.

The Netherlands is a small country, with a civilized and tolerant nation with big ambitions. More than 90% percent of the inhabitants of this country are able to speak English, and they are used to live in peace with immigrants for centuries.  This country benefits from highly organized and well developed bureaucratic system. In addition, the country is based on many social and economic indexes, which is one of the best system compared to other European countries.

The Netherlands is known as a country of trade and business due to its superior geostrategic position with their great harbors and business structures. The world biggest companies relocate their headquarters to the Netherlands in order to get advantages of the favorable tax environment.  Rotterdam, the city with one of the world’s biggest port, plays a crucial role in import and export of many European countries.

This country provides very pleasant conditions for expats families. Schools and universities are among the best educational institutes in the world.

The Netherlands provides opportunities for a very comfortable life for its inhabitants regardless their gender, religion or ethnicity.  Housing in this country is relatively cheap, and if you will get a Dutch resident permit the banks will help you to buy a suitable house for yourself. Rental residents are in general modern and not that much expensive.

Generally speaking, the Netherlands is a country that can act as a gate for exporting your products to Western European countries.  It also provides you opportunities to invest in new businesses and to grow your business.

NedGate business center, with well-equipped offices located in Trade hub of Europe, in the beautiful city Rotterdam and with highly educated and experienced international experts, invites you to work with us together.

We hope that our experience, market knowledge and the infrastructures that we offer will help you to move forward in the Dutch and European markets and to get the best of the unique economic opportunities.

Babek Hossaini

CEO NedGate